Every day we wake up to new scandals

In their never ending wars we’re the victims

In their quest for power we are their source

Every time we need help we look up to them

Yet we aren’t sure whether they’ll help out

Have we ever stopped to check?

To check whether we can solve our problems without their help

Of what good are we if all we do is cry?

Yes we are the victims but for how long?

Everyone is asking for the key

The key to put to end our suffering

Why do we think that the key is hidden?

Far from it, the key is in our voice

Our voice is our vote

But does this voice count? Most certainly not

We’ve left them to control the pitch of our voice

In the hierarchy we are at the bottom most

We are slaves of our own masters

We shot our own selves in the foot

When we gave the powers to control our voice

They can never keep us under their lock forever

Let us all unite for a single purpose

To make our country a better place than it is

Let us shun communal enmity

It’s been a backward progress to our quest of liberation.



If it’s her eyes that light up the raging flames of lava in your body, then never make them teary.

If it’s her kisses that always leave you gasping for breath, then never stop her when she kisses you.

If it’s her heart that makes your world a better place, then never ever break it.

If it’s her smile that always makes you forget your sorrows, then never ever make her frown.

If it’s her soul that awakens your inner spirits, then never ever kill it.

If her voice is the only melody that your heart can dance to, then always be ready to listen to her.

two person carrying black inflatable pool float on brown wooden bridge near waterfalls
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

If her world is the best place to be in, then get out of this world and join her.

If her arms are more comforting and warm, then never slip out of it when she decides to give you one and let it be tight (wink).

If her words make you stand back to your feet when you crushed down to the ground, then never stop listening to her.

If she’s the tree to your life, then you’ve got to water her daily, take good care of her and never let her die down.

If she’s your star, then you’ve got to be her heaven for her to set in every night.

If it’s her love that makes your world flourish, then cherish her both in good and bad times.

If she brings out an incredible personality from you all on her own, then disappoint her not and don’t go back to where she picked her from.

If you ever fill like royalty whenever she’s around you, then crown her and make her the queen to your kingdom.

Take Me There

baby children cute dress
Let us go anywhere
I’ve always wanted to go there
Where there is always fire
Where we’ll never tire
Where our hearts don’t seem to care
As long as one of us is there
Side by side let’s fight together
Every pain I’m ready to bear


They courageously carry the loot through the streets in sacks,
Confidently coming back for more to massage their backs,
Milking dry the public coffers,
To fill them up they impose taxes on us,
They wine and dine like royalty,
Dishing out peanuts for us to die in poverty,
Money meant for national development,
Ends up in their pockets and bellies for enrichment,
Everyday all we hear is a new saga,
Incidences that have earmarked us on international radar,
Where do we go from here?
All that debt we cannot bear,
Institutions against this vise are just in themselves corrupt,
It has been a volcano before our faces waiting to erupt,
But do we ever learn from this?
Will give them another chance after saying sweet nothings.


Mothers are dying,
Children are crying,
Let’s stop this fighting,
Am on my knees pleading,
Stop! Syria is bleeding,

Incoming bomb, take cover,
Bullets flying all over,
Blood splewn all over,
We can’t keep fighting forever,
Stop! Syria is bleeding.

All their lives matter,
We can make things better,
Let’s do this together,
And not regret it later,
Stop! Syria is bleeding.


They all come scouting
For votes while shouting
The roads they promised still dusty
Hospital beds and equipments rusty
Uncollected garbage everywhere, its filthy

Debts ballooning everyday
What have they to say?
Another loan won’t hurt anyway
We hate, fight and kill for them to have their way
Yet they eat, drink and wine together everyday

They want us to vote along party lines
Parties formed along tribal lines
When they ain’t in power its electoral injustice
When they embezzle our taxes its political malice
The power(me and you) know not the face of justice

For them leadership is now hereditery
For how long will we cry
About public coffers running dry
Those we’ve voted won’t answer why
Let’s vote change now lest we die before we try

Let’s think and talk about the future
This ain’t a public lecture
The government cannot even pay a lecturer
Wait! I ain’t even a qualified teacher
But in this case we need a preacher


The sun has just risen,

Our sins forgiven,

For He has defeated death and risen,

Sitting besides the Almighty in heaven,

Let’s enjoy this brightness,

For life without Him is graceless.